Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is here to help guide you through the initial phone call, setting up your first appointment, and making sure you are provided with the necessary information to make your experience with Pinnacle Behavioral Health a pleasant and easy one.


Karen Weiss-Insurance Specialist


Phone: (571) 384-5358 

Fax: (571) 384-5358 (same as phone)


As the Billing and Insurance Specialist, Karen works to ensure all claims are paid and follows each claim from start to finish. She is knowledgeable with both paper CMS-1500 forms as well electronic submission of claims.  Karen is well versed with our insurance practice software and is well skilled at identifying billing issues. Karen has regular contact with the insurance companies and works closely with the companies to resolve claim issues.


jassonJasson Marques-Operations Manager

Phone: (703) 794-3044

Fax:   (703) 794-3044 (same as phone)

Patients can follow up with Jasson on questions with regard to insurance or other treatment concerns.


megMeg Hill-Marketing Director


Meg has many years of experience both as a registered nurse and a medical malpractice defense paralegal. She is well versed in Virginia law governing the practice of psychology, and is keenly aware of the acceptable standard of care and required degree of professionalism in this setting. To this end, Meg is responsible for monitoring compliance in all respects in our practice on a daily basis.

In addition, Meg is working towards marketing our practice to dually promote growth and increase public awareness of each provider’s specialty interests and expertise.