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  • Dr. Rex Vogan Gets Chapter Published in New Book

    Congratulations to Dr. Vogan for his recent chapter publication entitled, “Season-ending Sport Injury and Existential Impacts” in the newly available collection of essays,UNEARTHING THE MOMENT – MINDFUL APPLICATIONS OF EXISTENTIAL-HUMANISTIC AND TRANSPERSONAL PSYCHOTHERAPY, edited by Myrtle Herry, Ph.D., Director of the International Institute of Humanistic Studies.   Dr. Vogan has received extensive training over the past 11 years in this particular model of psychotherapy. To this end, he has dedicated himself to building a bridge between the sport injury experience and the existential impacts that are ever present in the life of an injured athlete.

  • “Understanding Bullying” A Presentation at Tolbert Elementary School

    Dr. Catarina Monge and Dr. Sandra Goncalves presented a workshop on “Understanding Bullying” at Tolbert Elementary School in Leesburg, on February 20th, 2014. The workshop was presented to parents of the PEP program (Parents as Educational Partners). The presentation was to aid parents in understanding the effects that bullying can have on the psychological and overall well-being of a young child. Drs. Monge and Goncalves answered specific concerns from parents in attendance and helped give them a better understanding of how they, as parents, can be help their children tackle the issues of bullying.