Psychological and Psychoeducational Testing

Psychoeducational Testing


Children and adults can often struggle in educational and work environments due to intellectual strengths and weaknesses. These issues can be compounded by specific learning differences and/or attention deficit issues. Psychoeducational testing can distinguish gifted learners as well as individuals having difficulties with productivity. Evaluations generally include cognitive tests, attention measures, and basic mental health questionnaires. In addition, achievement instruments can be used to determine the presence of reading, writing, or math issues as well as nonverbal learning issues. Each battery of tests is determined after a careful examination of history and current presentation. Feedback and recommendations are provided to assist in improvements and often include school accommodations.

Common testing evaluations can include:

  • Gifted and talented placement assessments
  • ADHD screenings for children and adults
  • Academic achievement aptitude evaluations


Personality Testing/Differential Diagnosis


Individuals looking to for a better understanding of their mental health issues can often benefit from personality testing. Working with children, adolescents, and adults, findings can be used to clearlydiagnosis emotional or behavior problems and can facilitate progress in psychotherapy interventions.


Feedback is also gathered about coping mechanisms and adaptive behavior strategies. Results can be used to coordinate psychiatric care and improve the effectiveness of medication regimens by providing a more precise clinical picture. Recommendations can also include treatment modalities that might serve to meet your individual needs.