Linda Reiter, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Phone: (703) 436-8632
Fax: (703) 436-8632 (same)


Linda Reiter, LCSW, one of Loudoun County’s leading relational and mood disorder therapists, brings more than 30 years experience as a counselor to Pinnacle Behavioral Health, where she specializes in helping adolescents and adults discover and apply their inner ability to bring healing change to their lives.

While many people believe that a counselor holds some magic key to fix their problems, Linda has successfully put into practice her perspective that the counselor’s true role is to help clients see that they already have the skills to handle life’s challenges and put that ability to work.

Linda’s specialized approach begins with providing a safe environment for adolescents and adults—especially women—to explore issues including mood disorders such as depression or anxiety, life changes, abuse, and troubled relationships. She often works to show clients how unhealthy generational patterns from childhood affect current relationships at work, school or in their adult life. Linda delicately balances the importance of a careful pace to exact life-long change with the push clients need to work through issues.

Linda honed this approach to empowering patients in the course of three decades of wide-ranging practice in respected counseling and behavior health centers in Northern Virginia and Maryland, including ten years heading up an independent psychotherapy practice.

Linda narrowed her focus towards adolescent and adult therapy at Loudoun County Mental Health Center, where she provided one-on-one counseling as well as group therapy for victims of domestic violence, sexual abuse and led DBT (dialectical behavioral therapy) classes. Previously, Linda worked as a counselor helping troubled students in coordination with their schools and later as a substance abuse counselor. Linda also provided crisis intervention and hands-on support for residents of Charles County Maryland.

Linda holds a B.S. in Psychology from Northern Michigan University as well as a Masters in Social Work from Virginia Commonwealth University, and is a member of the National Association of Social Workers.