Pinnacle Behavior Health is devoted to creating opportunities for emotional and psychological growth by increasing awareness and insight that can lead to positive life changes. To achieve that goal, we bring together the highest level of professionalism and clinical excellence with the deepest empathy and compassion.


We work to create an environment where you can feel safe and secure. Within this comforting environment, you will be treated by psychologists and counselors with far-reaching experience and expertise. Pinnacle’s clinicians bring varied backgrounds and training, but they all have one thing in common: years of experience and a track record of helping people like you confront the issues in their lives and find healing.


Whether you are dealing with anxiety, depression, relationship challenges, substance abuse or a athletic performance concern, our clinicians will work to build an authentic relationship where you feel confident and comfortable in exploring, expressing and ultimately rediscovering the real you. In addition, we provide psychological testing to address educational, emotional, and diagnostic needs.

To further reduce the anxiety and pressure already affecting your lives, we go out of our way to ease your paperwork and facilitate payments from your insurance company – even if you are out of network. Several of our clinicians also offer the capability to speak in the language most familiar to you, including Spanish and Portuguese.